History Today

The second television series of The Mary Whitehouse Experience saw the birth of History Today, and with it the catchphrase "that's you, that is". It continued throughout the subsequent Newman and Baddiel In Pieces series and two of their live videos. The sketches essentially saw two old Professors (Rob Newman & David Baddiel kitted out in suits, grey wigs and so on) fire strings of schoolboyish insults at one another under the pretence of a historical discussion show.
Collected here are audio and video clips, as well as transcripts of episodes of History Today.
You can see even more video clips at our Mary Whitehouse Experience site at http://mwe.micaelita.net



The Mary Whitehouse Experience
Newman & Baddiel Live in Edinburgh
Newman and Baddiel In Pieces
Newman & Baddiel Live at Wembley

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