Prof. F.J Lewis
History Today
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DB: Welcome to History Today.
Er with me, in the chair today, is Professor F.J Lewis, Emeritus Professor of History at All Souls College, Oxford. And we will be talking about British History between 1931 and '37 - the Austerity Years, and principally the effect that rationing had on changes in government at that time.
Professor Lewis, I wonder what you feel the nexus of cause and effect to be here.
RN: See that Eddie the Eagle Edwards?
DB: Yes.
RN: That's you, that is. That's your mum.
DB: See that Peter Beardsley?
RN: I am aware of him.
DB: That's your girlfriend, that is.
RN: Oh, ah ha ha ha ha. You see that old lady over there?
DB: Yes.
RN: You love her.
DB: I don't.
RN: Psst, oi! Excuse me, he fancies you.
DB: You see Thora Hird?
RN: I am aware of her work.
DB: You fancy her.
RN: Oh, you are her.
DB: I'm not, I'm bloody not.
RN: Ahh, well.
DB: How could you say that?
RN: You are her. Everyone thinks you are. She's like your best friend.
DB: Well thankyou, Professor Lewis, and...
RN: You're gay, you are.
DB: Just as a postscript to what we've been saying, Professor Lewis,
I'd like to say...
RN: I saw your Mum coming out of the V.D clinic.
DB: I'd like to say that anyone with A.I.D.S, that's you, that is.
That's your girlfriend and your Mum and your Dad.
You know, like a pair of pants with some cack in it? That's you, that is.
RN: Well I haven't come on this programme to be insulted. Goodnight!


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