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DB: Good evening. Once again I am joined by Professor F.J Lewis,
Emeritus Professor of History at All Souls College, Oxford.

I understand that some viewers felt that last week we rather skated

over the topic of Great Britain 1931 to '38 - the Austerity Years.

I can only offer my apologies and pledge that Professor Lewis and myself shall make every endeavour to fully explore tonight's topic of discussion - The 1905 Sebastopol uprising. Professor Lewis, do you feel, as many do, that Sebastopol was indeed the birthplace of the Russian Revolution?
RN: See people who talk like this? {makes Donald Duck type noise}
That's you, that is. That's you talking your best.
DB: I see. You see girls running like this {waves arms around at sides}           that's you, that is. That's how you run.
RN: See your bike? It's a girl's bike.
DB: I do not own a bicycle.
RN: You do and it's a girl's bike.
DB: Well I'd just like to s...
RN: It's for girls.
DB: You see those workman's tents in the road?
RN: I have observed them.
DB: That's your house. That's where you go on holiday.
RN: See this? This is my drink. You can't have none. Yum yum, tasty.
DB: Oh, I've just remembered.
RN: Sorry, I'm busy drinking my drink.
DB: Your dad phoned me up the other day.
RN: My Father? What did he say?
DB: {makes Donald Duck type noises}
RN: la la la la, I can't hear you. Speak louder, la la la la la.
DB: Professor Lewis, if we might return to the matter at hand.
RN: Yes.
DB: I have here a copy of you book, Origins of the Crimean War {lifts up book}. Pooh, ugh, pooh. It smells of pooh.
RN: That's because it's been inside your Mum's bra.
DB: Well it would appear.. {laughs}
RN: That's why it's so very smelly.
DB: It would appear that the Sebastopol question is one that will continue to cause heated debate between historians.
Professor Lewis, thankyou very much.
RN: {pinching his nose} Thankyou.


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